Venue Maps

Use indoor maps to explore Adelaide Oval

Using Google Maps, you can now see and navigate inside Adelaide Oval’s many levels, rooms and spaces.

Click here to explore Adelaide Oval using Google Maps, the guide below has been provided to assist you in finding rooms and spaces:

Click on the link to open maps, if you do not see the floor plan immediately, zoom in to the map and click on Adelaide Oval.
Navigate through the levels using the numbers in the bottom right.
To learn more about a room or space in the building, or to get directions to a certain space, click the place on the map.
To find a specific function space or room, search for the room as you would any place in Google Maps, i.e. type ‘Cathedral Room’ in to the search bar. This will automatically go to the correct level that the room is on, shown in the bottom right.
If you are looking for directions to a function space or room, click on the place and then click ‘Directions,’ select your starting or current location (if you are already at Adelaide Oval, ensure that your transport method is set to walking), and then follow the instructions given.

General hints for getting around Adelaide Oval

Adelaide Oval has three stands:
The southern Riverbank Stand, accessible via the South Gate on Telstra Plaza, from War Memorial Drive and the Adelaide Riverbank Footbridge.
The Western Stand, which is easiest to access by entering the South Gate.
The Eastern Stand, accessible by the East Gate, from War Memorial Drive. This stand is also accessible from walking from the South Gate, and from the East Car Park (via King William Road).
Each stand has up to 5 levels, but these levels are not all connected between stands.

To find your function room or space, it is best to first walk to the correct stand, and then find the level that you need.
i.e. the Ian McLachlan Room is located in the Western Stand, Level 3, so it is best to walk in the South Gate, around to the Western Stand, and then up to Level 3.