Audi Stadium Club Dress Code

Smart-casual attire must be worn by all persons seeking or gaining admission to the Audi Stadium Club. Males wearing shirts without collars will not gain entry – even if worn under a sweater or jacket. Football jumpers are permitted however a shirt must be worn underneath. Children aged 10 and over must adhere to the adult dress standards.

Any person wearing the following will not gain entry:

  • shirts without a collar
  • ripped, frayed or torn jeans (including designer)
  • rubber thongs
  • singlets
  • football shorts or board shorts
  • ugg boots
  • tracksuit pants

Adelaide Oval reserves the right to refuse admission to any person, who in the opinion of an employee or agent of the Adelaide Oval, is deemed to be inappropriately attired.

Click here to download the Audi Stadium Club Dress code