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Welcome, Corporate Guest

Here you’ll find everything you need to know for the 2021 AFL Season, including:

General information
COVIDSafe measures
Dress code
Placing your food and beverage order
Step by step guide
Corporate Suite menus
Outdoor Corporate Box menus
Beverage packages
Beverages on consumption
Key contact details

Should you have a question regarding your membership at any time, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager.

We look forward to hosting you for a fantastic football season.

Corporate Suite


As of March 2021, only the first six rounds of the AFL Fixture have been announced. We will be sure to update you as further rounds are confirmed.

Download fixture

General information

Catering orders
Only one type of menu package is available per event. For example, you cannot order a shared to the table meal for 10 guests and a grazing for 8 guests.

Self Catering
Guests are not permitted to bring any food or beverages into the corporate facilities.

Dietary Requirements
Dietary requirements must be notified via the online ordering portal prior to the ordering deadline. We cannot guarantee that we will have food available for guests if we do not receive adequate notice.

Beverage orders
Beverages can be ordered in a package or charged on consumption. However the entire facility must select the same option. i.e. You cannot select a package for 6 guests and then on consumption for 2 guests. There must be one package ordered per adult guest if you select a beverage package.

Children’s beverage packages are available for a reduced fee. Please advise via the notes section of the online ordering portal and we will adjust your order accordingly.

Alcohol Management Policy
Adelaide Oval’s alcohol management policy requires that corporate facility clients must purchase food in conjunction with the consumption of alcohol to ensure that we are serving alcohol responsibly.

Minimum catering orders
There are minimum catering orders applicable for food packages. 12 guests for an 18 seat suite, 8 guests for a 12 seat suite and 8 guests for a 10 seat outdoor box.

Changes can be made to your order prior to the online ordering deadline. If you wish to cancel your order after the deadline has passed, you will be charged in full for the food.

Event tickets and car park tickets are available to download from the online ordering portal. For ticketing questions, please contact your Account Manager.

Personal Stewards
If you would like to have a dedicated personal steward to service your guests exclusively for the duration of the event a fee of $250 will apply. This option can be selected via the online ordering portal.

Accounts are processed to your credit card on the following business day after the event. An invoice is automatically emailed to the registered user at this time.

A 2% payment processing fee will apply for all credit card transactions made with Adelaide Oval.

Children under 5
While children under 5 do not require a ticket to enter Adelaide Oval, they are counted as part of your Suite or Box capacity. Please ensure you do not exceed your Corporate area’s capacity.

COVIDSafe measures

Adelaide Oval has collaborated with SA Health and SAPOL to put in place measures to ensure the return to 40,000 strong crowds this football season will be safe, easy and fun.

Corporate guests need to be aware of the following:

  • You will need to bring your own mask for entry into Adelaide Oval. It is an SA Health requirement that all patrons wear a mask when entering, exiting and moving around the stadium. You will not need to wear a mask once you scan into your suite or box or in your allocated seat, however you will need to put it on upon leaving your corporate area.
  • You will need to complete a QR code check-in when you enter Adelaide Oval, and when you enter your Corporate Suite or Open Corporate Box. Handwritten sign-in sheets will be available if you cannot scan a code.

For further information and FAQs regarding COVIDSafe measures this AFL season, please click below.

COVIDSafe measures

Dress code

The dress code for your corporate area is set by your host, so please confirm with them prior to attending your event.

Please note, Adelaide Oval Corporate Suite holders have exclusive access to the Stadium Club after events. To ensure access to the Club, please adhere to the Stadium Club dress code. The dress code can be viewed here, but at a minimum please ensure gentlemen are wearing collared shirts.

Placing your food and beverage order

As an Adelaide Oval corporate facility holder, we invite you to order your food and beverage and download your tickets via our online portal.

You will receive an email from VENUE PORTAL containing a unique link allowing you to log in and create an account. You will need to accept the terms and conditions before setting up your own password and security questions. This step needs to be completed before you are able to place an order for your first event at Adelaide Oval.

Online ordering deadlines are listed with the AFL Fixture here. You will need to submit your order via the online portal prior to these dates for access to the full menu.

A limited menu is available to select from after this deadline.

Step by step guide

Go to

Username = Email address
Password = you create your own when initially setting up your account

Food and Beverage ordering
Select my Events Tab.
Click (Order Package) adjacent to the event you wish to place an order for.

Enter Host name and contact mobile number, enter guest numbers.

If you are ordering for a Corporate Suite

Enter Suite Welcome text. This will be displayed on the TV screen at the entrance to your suite.

Enter PO Number – this will appear on your invoice.

Click your desired food package “Shared to the table, Grazing, etc” (the box will turn green when it has been selected), click next.

Click your desired beverage option (the box will turn green when it has been selected), click next.

If you would like to submit a seasonal beverage order please click on the typeform link on the beverages page

Click on any additional food platters you wish to order and select the delivery time.

Click submit.

Put in any additional information in the notes section of your order (dietary requirements etc).

A separate button is available to select for dietary requests for both food packages and ordering platters.

An order confirmation will appear for you to check prior to confirming the order.

When you are happy with your order click submit (the registered user will receive a copy of the order via email).

To download tickets, go to the my Events Tab

Click (Allocate Ticket) adjacent to the event you wish to access tickets.
You have three options:

  1. Send Bulk Tickets To Me
    Click the gold box (Send bulk tickets to me), a new window will
    pop up. Click (Select tickets), then (Send selected tickets to me). The tickets are then emailed to the registered user of the account.
  2. Send Bulk Tickets To Other
    Click the gold box (Send bulk tickets to other), a new window will
    pop up. Complete the compulsory fields – First name, Last name & Email
    address. Click (Select tickets), then (Send selected tickets). The tickets are then emailed to the email address you have entered.
  3. Manage Guests and Tickets
    This option will allow you to send your tickets individually.
    Complete the compulsory fields – First name, Last name & Email
    Then click (Send Ticket).

Corporate Suite menus

Our chefs have created two menus for your guests to enjoy, with the option of upgrading to a deluxe version of either. Choose from our Shared to the Table pre-game dining option or our Grazing style menu, served throughout the game.

Both menu styles have been designed to showcase a range of gourmet meal options in a way that is completely COVIDSafe.

Please find below the menus for this round.

Outdoor Corporate Box menus

For AFL Season 2021, our Outdoor Corporate Box holders can choose between three grazing packages, all enjoyed while watching the game.

Our items are individually prepared for your guests and the menu will rotate throughout the season.

Alternatively, we offer a platter style menu designed to serve the total guests attending the game. All price is a per person charge.

Grazing Menus

Beverage packages

This season, we have two different beverage options for you and your guests – on consumption, or within a beverage package.

We have three five-hour beverage packages and all guests must be on a package if selected. For example, in a twelveseater area, you cannot have four guests on a beverage package and eight guests on consumption.

Alternatively you can be charged on consumption by choosing a seasonal beverage selection for your corporate facility. An order form can be completed prior, detailing the beverage preference for each game you attend. Please click on the link to complete and submit a seasonal beverage order.

Please note for Outdoor-Corporate-Boxes, large bottles of spirits are not available to purchase. Please select from our range of RTDs.


Beverages on consumption

Spirits and liqueurs are available in corporate suites only and are purchased by the bottle.

Alternatively ready to drink beverages are available in both corporate suites and outdoor corporate boxes. Purchased spirits and liqueurs may remain in your corporate suite for the duration of the event, but cannot be removed at the completion of the event.

Any unfinished bottles will remain in your suite for consumption at future events.
Please note that our Liquor Licence prohibits any alcohol being brought onto or taken out of the Adelaide Oval licensed area.

If you would like to submit a customised seasonal beverage order, please click here.

When you would like your seasonal order to be available for a game, please select seasonal beverage order on the portal when submitting your food and beverage requirements.


Key contacts

Simone Omond
Key Accounts Executive

08 8211 1138

Georgia Heatley
Key Accounts Administrator

08 8211 1140