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  • New revenue streams and cost controls again lead to lower price increases at Adelaide Oval
  • Adelaide Oval has incurred an average 3% increase in wage and supplier costs, but 2019/20 food and beverage increases will again be held at an average of just 1.5%
  • No increase for bottled water, Balfours Footy Pies, healthy food options
  • Free SA Water hydration stations operating around the stadium
  • Patrons can continue to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Biggest-selling beer (Hahn Super Dry, full strength) increase held at 10c
  • No increase in 2020 Adelaide Oval Football Membership
  • No increase in game day car parking
  • Adelaide Oval remains mid-pack in its pricing compared to other Australian stadia
  • Adelaide Oval to support the new Veteran Card initiative with special discounts on retail purchases for Australian Defence Force veterans

As we did in 2018, the Adelaide Oval SMA is reaffirming our commitment to protect patrons from the full impact of annual cost increases we incur – such as beer excise, Federally-legislated casual wage increases (3%), rent, sinking fund, maintenance and electricity increases – by again holding overall food and beverage prices to an average rise of just 1.5% and freezing a number of key items.

That’s half the increase in supplier and wage costs that we are incurring (an average of 3% in 2019) and demonstrates both our commitment to keeping the experience affordable and the value of our strategy to grow revenues in other areas of our business.

Key points:

  • Prices for family staples Balfours Footy Pies and Mt Franklin water have been left unchanged;
  • No increases in prices of healthy options including sandwiches, salads and wraps;
  • The biggest-selling beer (Hahn Super Dry, full strength) will increase by just 10c per pint; and
  • The cost of game day car parking has also been frozen.

The price of Adelaide Oval Football Membership – which gives members access to all 22 AFL home games – is also unchanged for season 2020. The Adelaide and Port Adelaide football clubs have already committed to not increase their memberships.

“The fact that we are again absorbing many of the cost increases we are incurring is further evidence of our commitment to keep the Adelaide Oval experience as affordable as possible,” said CEO Andrew Daniels.

“It also underlines the success of our strategy to grow revenues in other areas of our business so that we can continue to lower food and beverage prices in real terms.

“Our casual wage bill is our largest expense, and the 3% annual minimum wage increase legislated by the Fair Work Commission obviously has a significant impact on our business.

“However, we are proud to train and employ 1,500 South Australians in these roles. They’re a critical part of our ability to service the 1.8 million patrons who come to Adelaide Oval every year.

“We are also pleased to be joining the Federal Government’s new Veteran Card initiative. We will provide Australian Defence Force veterans a 10% discount on retail purchases at Adelaide Oval as part of the Australian Defence Veterans’ Covenant which recognises and thanks veterans for their service.”

The new prices will come into effect from the Sheffield Shield game between South Australia and Tasmania commencing on Monday, 11 November.

As always, patrons are welcome to bring their own food and non-alcoholic beverages when coming to events at Adelaide Oval and, together with SA Water, we continue to provide free water at outlets throughout the stadium.

Stadium Comparison*

F&B Prices 2019/20

*Notes for clarity:

  • Unlike other stadia listed above which review/increase their prices at the start of the AFL season, Adelaide Oval’s pricing is reviewed at the end of each football season. It can therefore be anticipated that the prices listed above for the other stadia will change prior to the 2020 AFL season while Adelaide Oval’s will remain unchanged.
  • Adelaide Oval’s food and beverage prices have not changed since November 2018, at which time they were increased by an average of 1.5%, less than half that of the increases incurred in supplier and wage costs.
  • No other stadia are required to cover the cost of their ongoing stadium upgrades and development through a statutory sinking fund. AOSMA contributes around $3m p.a. to this fund which eliminates any further calls on the taxpayer for Adelaide Oval upgrades and replacements.

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