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It’s expected that over 100,000 fans will pass through Adelaide Oval’s gates in just two days as the stadium prepares for tonight’s Liverpool FC versus Adelaide United FC game following yesterday’s record breaking Showdown crowd.

The best of South Australia will truly be on display with the two events set to bolster the already significant economic benefits being delivered by the Adelaide Oval.

An Economic Research Consultants study revealed that the Adelaide Oval provided the State with an economic benefit of $170 million in 2014 and an associated gross regional value of a further $74.5 million.

This total of $244.5 million is expected to grow to well over $330 million in 2015 off the back of the ICC Cricket World Cup which alone generated approximately $90 million in direct spending.

“To put this in context, the Adelaide Festival delivers an economic benefit of $74 million, while the Fringe delivers a benefit of $68 million and the Clipsal 500 delivers an economic benefit of $60 million,” said Adelaide Oval SMA Chairman John Olsen AO.

“The Adelaide Oval has established itself as a powerhouse in South Australia’s events and entertainment industry and it is continuing to produce major benefits for our State.

“The redevelopment of Adelaide Oval was always about much more than football and cricket and these figures are certainly proof that this intent has become a reality.”

As a result of activity associated with the Adelaide Oval redevelopment, 570 jobs have been created with a further 520 jobs created for the 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup.

The State Government estimates that 10,000 visitors will come to South Australia to attend the Liverpool FC-Adelaide United FC game, injecting $10 million into the economy.