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Adelaide Oval is among the many brands removing the letters O, A and B from their logos this week in a bid to encourage 100,000 Australians to become blood donors.

It’s all part of International Missing Type Day, a global campaign run simultaneously by 25 blood services which aims to recruit more volunteer blood donors.

Nearly 40 percent of Australians don’t know their blood type – indicating many have never considered making a blood donation.

Yet more than 30 percent of the population will need a blood transfusion or product in their lifetime, showing just how critical the ongoing need for blood is.

Blood Service spokesperson Sally Lauder said demand for donated blood continued to increase, meaning nearly 3000 new donors were needed in South Australia this year alone.

“Blood only has a shelf life of 42 days, and more than 25,000 donations are needed across Australia each week to meet patient needs,” she said.

“We need 2905 South Australian residents to sign up as blood or plasma donors. If you’re already a donor, we’d ask you to please give one more donation each year – it really does help.”

Adelaide Oval SMA CEO Andrew Daniels said the organisation is proud to be supporting such an important cause.

“As one of Australia’s most recognisable brands, we’re hoping our involvement in the Missing Type campaign will encourage South Australians to help fill the gaps and save lives,” Mr Daniels said.

“A number of our team members will roll up their sleeves to donate blood on the day. It’s a simple but vital service, so we’re delighted to be involved.”

Becoming a blood donor is easier than ever with a new self-service booking system available at