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Emergency services and security providers will be conducting a counter terrorism exercise today at Adelaide Oval.

The exercise is being conducted to test and examine the response of emergency services and security providers to a terrorist related event.

This joint exercise initiative will play out a scenario involving up to 40 role players following a vehicular terrorism incident in the northern car park area of Adelaide Oval.

The object of the exercise is to practice the command and control structure during a terrorist incident including strategic level decision making.

Included in the exercise are representatives from SA Police, SA Ambulance Service, Metropolitan Fire Service, Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority, St John SA, Department of Planning Transport and Infrastructure and private security providers

Acting Assistant Commissioner, Bob Fauser, sees the exercise as vital to ensure our emergency services are prepared for a terrorist incident.

“South Australian Police work closely with the Adelaide Oval and other operators of places of mass gathering to ensure appropriate measures are in place to secure these venues,” he said.

“The national terrorism threat level remains at probable. Whilst there is no specific information to suggest there will be an attack in Adelaide similar to those overseas, exercises such as today are vital to ensure emergency services are well prepared in handling and managing an incident.

“We appreciate that some of the scenes this morning can be confronting, but it’s important that the training we offer the emergency services personnel prepares them for such an event.”

SA Ambulance Service Operations Manager, South East Metropolitan Anthony Pryzibilla said, “These exercises allow the SA Ambulance Service to test our systems and staff in preparation for the potential of major incidents that emergency services could be involved with in future.”

Metropolitan Fire Service (MFS) Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Roy Thompson said today’s exercise provides a valuable opportunity to reinforce each agency’s response role.

“The exercise will give emergency services the chance to work together as teams and to practise a multi-agency response within a realistic environment.

“While we hope to never see an incident such as this occur, it’s important that we ensure our people are well prepared through opportunities to participate in realistic scenarios of this type.”

The exercise will be held throughout the morning, with the main exercise between 9.30am and 11.30am.

Residents and businesses surrounding the area have been informed and are aware there may be significant noise and activity.