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The Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority (SMA) is to undertake a major upgrade that will see Adelaide Oval providing the latest light and sound capabilities that will rival some of the best stadiums in the world.

In an all-South Australian partnership with Kojo, Big Screen Video, Sarah Constructions and Mott MacDonald, the Adelaide Oval SMA has designed an upgrade that will include:

LED sports lighting at the ‘leading edge’ of the stadium’s roofline, providing instant, brilliant event lighting with the ability to pulse on/off with audio;

Feature LED colour lighting through Eastern, Western and Riverbank stands to further add to the event-day experience;

Latest high-definition ribbon boards that will encircle the ground and upper levels of the stadium providing crisp clear imagery and the ability maximise fan day experiences; and

New audio/visual production equipment that will merge all elements together to fully synchronise all screens, music and light shows during events.

A concept video was released today by the Adelaide Oval SMA to showcase what the stadium will deliver when the work is complete.

The upgrade is being funded by the Adelaide Oval SMA through a $9 million loan with the Commonwealth Bank to be paid back over an eight-year period. Work is expected to commence within a matter of weeks with the aim of completion in time for the Day/Night Ashes Test match in December.

“As the operators and managers of Adelaide Oval and, therefore, the custodians of this facility on behalf of the people of South Australia, we see it as our responsibility to continue to invest in the infrastructure needed to create the best experience possible for every event,” said Adelaide Oval SMA Chairman John Olsen AO.

“We benchmark ourselves against the leading stadia around the world and this upgrade will ensure we remain on the pace of innovation demanded by international event promoters.

“It will also enable us to give crowds at Adelaide Oval the kind of light and sound spectacular that you see at Juventus Stadium or Stamford Bridge.

“This announcement represents a significant borrowing by the SMA, but one we believe is integral to our responsibilities as stadium manager and underpins our ability to continue to attract the big events that have made Adelaide Oval South Australia’s premier event venue.”

The SMA is a joint venture company between SACA and SANFL which bears all the risk on annual operations and repayment of loans.

The 220 LED ‘leading edge’ sports lights will augment the ‘long throw’ incandescent lighting provided by the Oval’s four light towers, which remain vital for game days. The feature lighting through the stadium roofline will deliver a step-change in the Oval’s ability to reflect the colours of the nation or teams on the field through the stadium’s architecture.

The high definition LED ribbon boards will – unlike the current versions in use – run 360-degrees around the stadium at ground level and on levels three and four of the Riverbank and Eastern stands. The high definition panels will enable a vastly enhanced experience for advertisers and fans alike.

CEO Andrew Daniels said the project had the unanimous support of Cricket Australia, SACA, SANFL, the AFL and the Adelaide and Port Adelaide Football Clubs.

“We have worked very closely with our major partners to develop an upgrade that will enable cricket, football and other event promoters to continue to enhance the fan experience at Adelaide Oval – an experience that is already recognised as arguably the best in Australia,” he said.

“This is the biggest upgrade since the opening of the redeveloped Adelaide Oval and, when combined with initiatives such as the Commonwealth Bank RoofClimb, our LIVE on 5 Fringe venue and concerts such as Adele, it demonstrates our commitment to keeping Adelaide Oval at the forefront of global stadia.”


A total of 220 LED sports lights will be installed on the leading edge of the Eastern, Riverbank and Western stands replacing the existing incandescent sports lighting.

A total of 248 LED full-colour architectural lights will be installed in the Eastern, Riverbank and Western stands to light up the Adelaide Oval, creating unique experiences and memorable moments.

New LED ribbon board from Big Screen Video:

  • 10mm SMD with high refresh rate suitable for broadcast television
  • 360 degree at pitch level
  • Level 3 and 4 of the Riverbank and Eastern stands
  • Clear vision and high contrast ratio in direct sunlight

New back-end infrastructure:

  • Utilise all LED screens as one integrated canvas, allowing for new, modern, engaging content — i.e. activations, pre-game entertainment, and moments of exclusivity.
  • Full social media engagement and moderation — display social posts on any LED screen, run social media campaigns on game-day, including live polling.
  • Built with the latest production technology — i.e. best video graphics processing on the market.
  • Integration capabilities and fully customisable.

Quotes from project partners:

“KOJO Sports’ mission is to create memorable and emotive experiences for fans. From our appointment in 2012, KOJO has had a very clear brief from the Adelaide Oval team. That is to place Adelaide Oval amongst the world’s great stadiums and provide fans with a best in class experience. We have been working hard with the Adelaide Oval team and their partners to ensure this major upgrade provides exciting new opportunities for AFL, Cricket, other sporting codes as well as major concerts and events to continue to enhance fan engagement, which is already considered to be amongst the best in world sport.”  – Stephen Lord, Executive Director – Brand & Sport – Kojo

“We’re delighted to partner with the AOSMA to deliver this exciting project and in doing so, enhance Adelaide Oval’s status as the premier sporting and entertainment facility in Australia”.  – James Sarah – Managing Director – Sarah Constructions P/L

“Big Screen Video has enjoyed a long-term partnership with Adelaide Oval. We’re thrilled to be involved in this exciting project, it will do great things for the Oval and SA. It’s great to see Adelaide Oval consistently lifting to the next level and leading the way in fan experience.” – Paul Ellery – CEO – Big Screen Video

“Mott MacDonald is excited to be leading this major upgrade which will put Adelaide Oval at the forefront of sporting event production in Australia.  The appointment follows our role as project and design managers for the redevelopment of this iconic venue, and we are looking forward to building on our strong working relationship with the Stadium Management Authority. We will bring together our local and international design skills and expertise to deliver this project that will showcase the integration of the latest stadium technologies and set the standard for similar venues across the country.” – David Johnson – Managing Director Australia & NZ – Mott MacDonald

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